Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to Business (Spring 898)

As I made my way back toward the residential area, I decided to stop by and see Fatimah at the guildhouse. I was hoping she would be able to tell me what the metals I had found in the mines were.

I'll admit there was a small part of me that just wanted to see her, too.

I strolled through the front door of the Goldsmith guild, waving a quick hello to Teerth and Visala, and walked into the large workroom where Fatimah's workbench was located. She was posted at her usual spot, peering through her lenses. As if I would find her anywhere else during the afternoon?

"Fatimah," I said as I drew closer to her workbench, "I found some minerals down in the mines, and I was wondering if you could take a look at them for me?"

"Good afternoon, Aspen," she said, looking through her lenses for a moment longer before turning her attention to me. "In the mines? I wasn't aware you were a miner now." She chuckled, and held her hand out to me. "Let's see what you found."

I placed the dull metallic chunk of ore into her hand, and she brought it a bit closer to her face for inspection. "This is silver," she said after a few seconds. "Not incredibly valuable, and pretty common, but a few more ores and you could make a nice ingot from this." She held the silver ore back out to me, asking, "Got any more?"

I nodded, holding out to accept the ore back. "I found this one as well," I said, digging the shiny ore from my pouch. "It was being guarded by a worm, who wasn't fond of me trying to take it." I laughed, placing the new ore in her outstretched hand.

Fatimah gave a low whistle as she held the ore up for closer inspection. "Nice find," she said, eyeing the material closely. "This is mythril. Expensive stuff, and you can make some nice pieces from it. A few more of these, and I could help you make an ingot." She handed it back to me, adding, "Or you could try selling it on the auction house. People pay good money for mythril."

"I'll think about it," I said with a smile. "I don't know that I'm ready to craft anything from mythril quite yet. I'm still working with copper, where it's cheap to screw up." I laughed, slipping the mythril into my pack.

"You'll get there," Fatimah replied reassuringly. "Anything worth doing takes time."

"I'll bear that in mind on this long road," I said with a chuckle. "I should get going. I've nothing to work on today."

"Have a good day," she said with a smile, before turning back to her lenses.

"You too," I said, turning toward the front counter. I had decided to sell the mythril ore on the auction house, since I couldn't really use it yet, anyways. Also, the gil from the sale would help me get more copper ores, which would bring in even more gil.

As I opened the door to exit the guildhouse, I ran into Kuto-Lulu, who was apparently on his way in.

"Hello!" I said, startled to see him here.

"Aspen," he said, obviously pleased. "Just the goldsmith I've come to see! I have a business proposition for you."

"I'm listening," I said with a smile. Knowing him, it would be something so incredibly outlandish that it could never work.

"I found out that you can make really nice leather goods from lizard skins," he said with a smile. "Gustaberg is just crawling with lizards. If we can harvest some skins and sell them to leather workers," he continued with a smile, "we could stand to make a large profit."

"Not bad," I said, musing over the idea. "Do you know anything about skinning lizards?"

"Well," he said, "not really. But," he continued, a gleam coming to his eyes, "my friend Garrick does. He's a ranger. I figured we could all go out together and split the skins evenly."

"I could probably help out with that," I said with a smile. "How dangerous could a bunch of lizards be, anyways?"

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